Why CultivateOne?

Alan Hirsch once said, “In every Christian, lies the power to transform the world.”

If that kind of Power. That kind of Spirit, lies in every single believer on this planet, then, in order to bring out change in this world we need only One… One Person.

My goal is to reach that One. That One Person. That One Mind, Body, and Soul. That One Essence who will be used by God to usher in His Kingdom here on this earth. If you are reading this, then I believe that person is you. Not because of some innate strength or ability, but because of the Spirit of God in you.

My hope is to partner with you in this journey of life to bring out the best of what God intended you to be. To cultivate and nurture all the Factors of your Essence (What makes you, You) so that you will be prepared and ready to do His will, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Cultivate One Essence at a time.

God Bless.



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