Cultivating Your Essence

I gave a post on this earlier but this is the revised and most up to date version.

Your Essence: “What makes you, YOU”

What is Essence? It’s the intrinsic nature of something. It’s the properties and characteristics that make anything what it is. Thus, if one of these were missing, it would cease to be what it is.

So for the human being, we are not just a mashed up ball of molecules and chemicals. We are not ethereal spirits walking in limbo. We are not just flesh and blood. We are Human. We have an essence and have essential properties and characteristics to our existence. The Human Being is one of the most complex things on this planet. Scientist have tried to dissect us. Philosophers have tried to understand us. Doctors have tried to fix us. But all in all, with all the intellectual and technological advancements, we still fall so short of coming to a deep understanding of the human being. Why?

Because we are more then just what we make ourselves out to be. In this post, I’ve tried to gather a list of the factors to our essence. The factors, traits, and properties that make us, US.

Essence Factors:

  • Mind, Body, Soul
  • Your Past, Present, Future
  • Life’s Work, Career and Calling, Career Anchors/Preferences
  • Stewardship, Finances, and Giving.
  • Relationships – With God, With Others, and With Yourself
  • Emotional Being and Affection
  • Spiritual
  • Self-Esteem: Sense of self-worth and dignity
  • Work Ethic
  • Leadership Style
  • Passions, Pain, and Pleasure
  • Heart Motives (Why You Do What You Do)
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Personality Type
  • Love Languages
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Expressions of Faith
  • Race and Social Context
  • Gender Roles and Your Sexuality

On this list, there are things we were either born into or adopted throughout time. Regardless, there are certain factors to our essence that we fall short in. Either, we have experienced great pain in certain factors (ie. Your Past, Family Issues, Failed Careers or Relationships), or we have never matured or been mentored to grow in certain factors. Maybe you don’t even know what some of these are and that is totally fine.

There are properties to our existence and that Life that God has for us, is an assault on the wholeness of our lives. Like I mentioned in my last post, spiritual growth is not just getting closer to God or walking in purity, but its living the God that God created for you to live. So what God is ultimately doing is he is making an assault on the HOLES of our Essence. He wants to address the pain, the hurt, and the areas where we might be spiritual or emotional babies.

God is bringing us into a wholeness and the life God created for us can be boiled down to this one simple truth. That He intends for us to Love Him, Love Others, and  Love Ourselves.

Next Post: “The Love You Have For YOURSELF, it the FILTER For The Love You Have For Others”


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