The Principles of Discipleship – Week 1 Cont.

What happens during Discipleship?

The transference of One’s DNA – For example, my daughter has my DNA. She kind of looks like me, takes after me, has some personality traits, etc. But SHE IS NOT ME. She is only LIKE me. That’s what happens in Discipleship. The DNA of the discipler get transferred to the disciple. They may act or look alike, but when it comes down to it, the disciple has their own identity and needs to walk in it. I can’t live my life trying to be someone I’m not. I can only be the best of who I was meant to be and that means having Jesus’ DNA transferred onto us.

I don’t pray to be Him. I pray to be like Him. Jesus had a specific call and met a specific need in the Kingdom of God. Like Jesus, you and I have a specific call to meet a specific need in the Kingdom of God. (Note: Jesus fulfilled His call by dying to himself… literally on a wooden cross). The call to die is not a masochistic one, its a call to give your life to something that matters in the Kingdom. Jesus gave his life for you…. You matter. You have a specific call to meet a specific need.

So here are some principles:


  • “Come and See” now “Go and Die” (Rick Warren) – The invitation is open and inclusive. Everyone is invited. However, it’s challenging. You actually have to give your life for something and someone.


  • Jesus’ disciples lived with him. Ate with Him. Prayed with Him. Smelled His breath. Touched his clothes. You get the idea. It’s a relationship with someone who you can learn from, but more importantly who’s life can be transferred onto yours. I’ve learned that when you come under someone to either learn or be discipled by them, their breakthroughs become yours. What kind of breakthrough are you seeking? Find someone who’s done it and learn.


  • It has to get at the whole of your humanity. In a later post, I will talk about some of your Life’s Essentials. Basically your essence, what makes you, you. Discipleship should addresses all of that.


  • You actually have to do something about it. You have seek people out. No one is going to come up to you and offer their hand of discipleship. You have to learn how to be a follower, seek them out, meet with them, learn about their life, and learn.


  • Yes, this is not a typo. A principle for discipleship is discipleship. Meaning, all disciples disciple. You have to not only be a learner but also a teacher. Willing to give and expend your time and energy for the benefit of another human being.

NEXT POST: Cultivating your Essence.


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