Roundtable Discipleship and Leadership Development – Week 1

Week 1 Roundup. “Discipleship, in it’s essence.”

One of the most important questions our generation has failed to ask is, “What in the world is spiritual growth?” In their book, “How People Grow” Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend give one of the most spot on definitions:

“Spiritual growth is not only about coming back into a relationship with God and each other, and about pursuing a pure life, but it is also about coming back to life— the life that God created for people to live. This life of deep relationship, fulfilling work, celebration, and more gives us the life we desire and solves our problems. As Paul says, we are “separated from the life of God” (Eph. 4:18). We must be reconciled to life the way it was created to work.”

The Life God Has For You.

Spiritual growth is more then just behavior modification, its a deep transformation into the Life that God has always intended for you. This includes everything from your mind, body, and soul, past, present, and future. Your career and calling, your relationships, emotional, physical, and psychological well-being, and so on. Its the Life that God has for you. All too often religious leaders, parents, and role models have emphasized a certain area of our lives and that has taken up too much of the stage of our Identity’s. It’s time to redeem your identity and become the best of who you were meant to man.

So how do we do that? Simple. Discipleship.

Alright, I know that word in itself can be kind of looming. But the word disciple is not an exclusively Christian term. In its truest sense, it means to be a learner. And that can be a learner of ANYTHING. Whether its a certain craft or trade, a profession or skill set, or even just learning a new hobby. We are all disciples in some shape or form. It’s just a matter of what you discipled in.

Jesus’ disciples were not taught religious stuff. They weren’t taught to adhere to particular set of laws or rules, instead a set of guiding principles that the wholeness of human need. His disciples learned how to, from Jesus, to heal the sick, raise the dead, serve and share with the poor, cast out demons, to pray, and love God and other people.

They were taught to love. The greatest commandment. To Love God, Love Others, and Love Yourself. Disciples of Jesus were immense lovers of the whole of humanity. (Keep in mind, he pissed off prominent religious leaders in order to love those who were considered unlovable).

Jesus’ Disciples are saturated in Love. Thus, discipleship is simply learning how to Love… God, Others, and Yourself.

NEXT: The Principles of Discipleship.


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