Lessons from A State Investigator: Ron Regen

I want to introduce you to a top-notch guy, who I recently had the privilege of getting to know in recent months. Ron Regen. I asked him about his profession one day and it was one of the more intriguing conversations I’ve had. His passion for his work and love for other people was contagious and I just had to share it. So here is my short interview I had with him, concerning his life and work.

What is your official Job Title and a brief description of what you do?

My Official Title is: State Investigator II.

How do you become excellent at what you do?

I believe it is the same as any other occupation.  You must develop a passion for what you are doing. If it is merely a job, you simply work.  If it is a passion…you excell.

What have been some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced in your professional growth?

The greatest challenge in my professional growth has been finding my passion. This career that I now hold is my third career.  I graduated college with a Business degree and worked in Corporate America for many years, then I broke loose and went into my own business for 16 years.  My business flourished, but after 16 years of success I realized it was not my passion.  So my current occupation was my third occupational choice and it is my passion.  And here in a Government position there are many challenges.  For most of my career here we have been faced with a lock on salary raises and promotions.  While many sit back and do the bare minimum, I have found that I continue to excell in my work; continue to give it my all; and focus of the job at hand rather than the money.

If you could go back in time, what would be some advice you would tell your 20 year old self?

I have learned a great deal in my adult years. If I were 20 years old and about to face a future occupation, I would think hard about what occupation interests me. Whether it be in medicine, law enforcement, business, cosmotology, retail, or government, I would not only think of the actual job, but who currently excells in this field.

I would search out the best and then, write a passionate letter or email to that person. Explain how you are about to begin your career and have admired this person as one who has succeeded in the field.  I would ask this person for a little history about how they exceeded and for advise to a young person just beginning.  People love to mentor/help others when there is no ulterior motive.

Don’t ask for a job, ask for advice.  This person who is a champion in the field you wish to go in, will open doors for you.  Don’t be timid, search this person out and ask.

To give you just one example: There is a young man who is a member of the church, his goal in life is to be a cardiac surgeon.  He wrote to the head surgeon at of one the world’s finest hospitals and simply asked to meet with the surgeon to learn about him.  This young man met with the surgeon, had him mentor him, and has been in the operating room watching heart transplants.  When it is time for him to search out employment, don’t you think this experience will be priceless. Don’t you think this surgeon will try to help this young man?

So my advice to your 20 year old self is think outside the box!  Do what others will not!  Use others to learn and network.  It took me 45 years to learn this, to think outside the box, to use the success of others to benefit me.

What is your motivation for why you do what it is you do? 

I derive the most pleasure in helping others and doing for others.  In my field, I serve the public, I listen to their problems and take their problems and try to bring them resolution. When someone has been taken advantage of, my job is to seek restitution for them and provide financial penalties against those that have done wrong.  When you do something good for others, you cannot help but to receive pleasure yourself.



  1. Passion: Find what you are passionate about and don’t stop until you do. There’s no excuses. If you fail to pursue or discover your passions its all on you. Sometimes it requires risk and other times you need faith. So be willing to dare to dream for yourself. 
  2. Mentorship: Find a mentor for what you want to do. Seek out the best advice and counsel you can get because you model your models. So if you want to be excellent at what you do, find someone who is where you want to be and learn.
  3. Serving Others: There is no greater calling then to serve another. Service to another requires submission to another. If you cannot submit to another person, you will never be able to serve them. (I will go into another post about this.)


Be all that you were meant to be. 





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