Getting Things Done…More Stuff in Less Time

Because of the nature of my lifestyle, I am always trying to figure out how I can get things done. This is a short video that has actually been one of the most helpful things I’ve found. Maybe because I am too lazy to read those giant productivity books but whatever the case, here are the most helpful tips I’ve been trying to incorporate in my own life.

  1. The Art of the Start: Just get started. Like this video says, sometimes the biggest hurdle in getting stuff done is just getting it started. So break down a task into smaller parts and just get started on it piece by piece.
  2. Willpower is not Enough: On the flipside, willpower is also not necessarily an indication of how much you enjoy the task or whether or not you are “meant for this”. Let me explain. Even as a pastor, I rarely find myself having enough willpower/energy/drive to do a particularly ministerial task. Whether its sermon prepping, reading, or meeting with people, I don’t look at a task and say, “ALRIGHT I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!” I, often times, find my energy and motivation as I am doing the particular activity and after I’ve wrestled with it for some time. Maybe that just me. But all in all, “preceding” willpower is not the best indication of whether or not I am going to find fulfillment in the task.
  3. Next Actions: I use a productivity app called “Wunderlist”. It’s not my favorite, but I use it because of its ability to cross platforms (My Mac to my new Note II). On my Wunderlist, I have a list called “NEXT ACTIONS” which I like to set up the night before to make sure that I get all the stuff done. One thing you have to keep in mind, NEXT ACTIONS are not the same things as NEXT PROJECTS. Projects are the big overall cookies. The Next Actions are the pieces of that cookie. For example, I am in the midst of preparing for the summer retreat. So on my next action list I don’t use vague actions such as”Start Retreat Planning” instead I say, “Call Retreat Center”. It’s slight, but it matters.

Start small. Get more done, in Less Time.


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