Lessons We Can All Learn from My One-Year Old

Hey Guys,

So I’ve decided to list out a few of the most impactful lessons that I’ve learned thus far about being a dad to a one year old (16 month-er to be exact). So here goes!

  1. Sacrifice Meaningfully: The first three months were a giant blur to me. Moriah would wake up every 1.5 hours, needed milk ALL THE TIME, and the diapers… Oh man, don’t even get me started. So why in the world would my wife and I, put ourselves though this? Because we sacrifice ourselves for things that are meaningful to us. If it’s important to me then I am willing to do all spend all the time and energy to make sure the task is accomplished or the person is please. No one would argue that raising a child is one of the most meaningful things we can do, however, I’ve noticed that I can often extend myself to sacrifice for things or people that I should not have extended myself for. Our time and energy is a precious commodity. So use it well.
  2. Embrace  Weakness: I’ve always wondered what goes through Moriah’s head. “What she’s thinking?” “Is she happy?” “Why in the world would you put that in your mouth?!?!” One day I just jokingly asked my wife, “Man, I wonder what it must feel like to be so powerless…?” We looked at each other and realized that actually it must be soooo awesome! See, even though she is the most powerless person in our home, she is the most joyful little person. At a certain point in my life, I thought self-sufficiency would be my key to freedom, but I’ve learned that it can often be a crutch. I’ve worked hard to cover my powerlessness but did I know that my weakness is the platform on which God exhibits his strength and sufficiency.
  3. “DEAL WITH YO STUFF”: Basically saying, work out your heart issues NOW! Why? Because I see myself ALLLLL over my daughter. She has my personality, my temperament, my weaknesses, as well as strengths. So if you are not in tune with your own heart issues and have done all you can to cover them up and bury them in the bottom of the ocean, believe me… they’ll all come back up. You’re going to see stuff in our kids that will drive you crazy, unfortunately, those might be the very things that you keep logged in the shadows of your heart. So I’m learning to deal with it now because I don’t want to blast my girl for being too much like me.

That’s all for today folks but there will be many many more.

NOTE: The image is an old one that was Moriah at around 6mo’s and my man Pastor Jonathan Oh busting out a sleeper hold on her. Miss you dude!


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