God Centered Relationships? Really?

God Centered Relationships.

We’ve all heard it. Some maybe even want it. But few really have an idea of what it looks like.

So here it is. If you are in a relationship right now and want to have a “God-Centered” one, it starts with you both having a God-Centered Life. That’s it. God centered relationships start with God centered lives.

Its not about how many devotionals you guys can do together or what church you decide to attend but its about having lives that are centered on God.

So what does this look like?

  1. Being immerse in His Word: DISCLAIMER – I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR DEVO’S OR QT’S OR DAILYBREAD, PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE READINGS. I am talking about a life where the Word of God actually SPEAKS into your human experience. Meaning, that the Bible carries substance in your daily living. Not just some spiritual nugget you find that adds to your increase of knowledge. I am talking about the human principlization of God’s word in your life. 
  2. “God Centered Lives” DOES NOT imply “World Hating Christians” – The Bible makes it clear that God is to be the highest priority in your lives. Over your workplace, relationships, future, family, and even your own life. God is supreme. However, that does not imply that you are meant to hate any of those things. We’ve all met those Christians claim to put God first and so they force religion down their kids throats or live a second-life in the church. No that is not being God-Centered. That is being a hypocrite. What is means to be God-Centered means that since God is your priority, your interactions with everything  and everyone else should be an overflow of the relationship you have with God. That’s where you get principles such as loving and forgiving your enemies, turning the other cheek, loving your neighbor as yourself, dying to yourself and putting the needs of others ahead of your own.
  3. Be a Lover of Souls – I can’t stress this enough. When you get caught in a situation where you might compromise your purity think for second about your soul and theirs. The person you might be sleeping with is not just flesh and blood but a soul. Soul that might have experience abuse… physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual. A soul that has never experienced the love of another human being so is willing to sell their bodies to you to maybe get an idea of what its like. A soul that has seen rape, violence, assault, etc. Be a lover of the soul and enter into the darkest places of their soul.

I’ve prayed with so many… too many sisters who have been sexually violated as youngsters. With brothers who’ve been called failures and losers their whole lives. With people who’ve had their fathers or mothers run out on them. With sisters and brothers who’ve been raped and sexually abused by family members. With guys who have been perceived as jerks but really their just little boys who are looking to hear that someone loves them. With people who’ve tragically lost a family member at a young age. With others who are going through financial struggles and are afraid of losing their homes and even families. And with so many more who’s parents are no longer in love or have separated. We are not just flesh and blood but we are human souls.

You want God at the center of your relationship??? Let’s deal with all the above because God wants to be the center of it. The shadows of your life that you like to keep quiet. The dark places of your soul. God wants it… to be the center of it.

Let’s start there….

God Bless.


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